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We are patriots, we are technologists, we are hard-working Dad’s, Mom’s, and citizens. We are passionate about serving our customers and our employees.  At our core, we give all to deliver, protect,and defend that in which we believe and those who we serve.  We believe in God, Family, Country, and Getting the Job Done Right.  Simply put,we do what we say and say what we do, we keep our word, and we attain.  We strive for a safer and stronger country and in God we trust.


The founding of Second-61 - With 20 years of industry experience is excited to deliver our customers with an authentic Rural Based service model with a true and certified HUBZone company.  


Our roots grow deep in the communities from which we were founded. Second-61 was founded in Canon City, CO after our name’s sake the 2nd Colorado.  The 2nd Colorado was founded in Canon City, CO in 1861 as two volunteer companies of infantry to protect the territory under Colonel James Ford.  This group of brave men served in the American Civil War in the Union Army as members of the 2nd Regiment Colorado Cavalry to serve the Union and protect citizens of the west from threats and aggressors.  The 2nd Colorado successfully fought in many battles protecting and defending the Union.


We are named to honor this group,and to carry the torch of patriotism and to aggressively defend and protect these brave pioneers did that founded and defended our community.


Today Second-61 honors our brave forefathers by bravely and boldly serving our customers, employees, and country.  We strive to create opportunity, develop innovation, and deliver critical missions for our customers.

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