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We have swept the market to provide the best solution providers for our customers. Maintaining close relationships with our vendors, we can ensure you're getting the best support and value for your solution. Advocating for you instead of margins, advising instead of upselling, and supporting our solutions well is what makes us different and ensures our customer's satisfaction.

Microsoft logo

Microsoft: leading the way in productivity software and services around the world

Partnered directly with Microsoft, we are considered a Cloud Solution Provider. Because of this, we are able to provide Microsoft's products and services to our customers, representing our customers to Microsoft.

No more waiting in queues, we have that taken care of for you!

Dropsuite logo

Dropsuite: Never Miss Your Data

Partnered with Dropsuite, we ensure any data that is stored inside your Microsoft environment is backed up and secure.

Proofpoint logo

Proofpoint: Securing Emails and Meeting Compliance

The majority of the emails in the world flow through Proofpoint; they are tried, true and tested.

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Compliancy Group: Hippa Experts

Compliancy Group's sealed clients audit pass-rate is 100%. We work hand-in-hand with you and Compliancy Group to ensure you get your seal of compliance.

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