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We are here to advocate on your behalf with the tech world! We know how to find the best products for your business needs and tailor solutions to meet those needs!

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Growth-Driven Services

Everything you need to ensure your technology grows with your business!
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Managed-IT Services

Technology is a tool; it needs to work well and be reliable. Our teams work with you to build a technology solution using what you have, what you need, and what makes sense. We integrate, train and support your users as an integrated and value-driven addition to your team. Our combined centuries of experience in technology have culminated in high-impact solutions for our customers, these solutions matter more than ever to help your business thrive:

  • Traditional Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Productivity Solutions
  • Software License Management
  • Virtual Desktop as a service
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Monitoring
  • Asset Management
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Cloud-Based Solutions

Our Cloud offering is tailored around the most used productivity product on the market: Microsoft Office 365. Partnering with Microsoft, we have leverage that ensures we can make sense of Microsoft's complicated catalog. We review all other cloud-based products on their quality, price, and ability to integrate into the Microsoft environment.

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The bad guys are persistent, we are eternally vigilant.

Security matters, no matter what you call it, “cybersecurity”, “information assurance”, “information security”, we know it's much more than popular terms and simple switches. Continuous improvement and vigilance are the reality of doing business in our connected world. We help you as a partner from full security implementation and monitoring to a partner that helps you establish a plan. We’ve got your back. We always advise for the most secure solutions we can implement and are always auditing our solution!


Our joint goal: To help your business thrive.

Through the course of business, technology infrastructure can easily be overlooked. We’ve discovered most businesses only notice their technology infrastructure when it is broken or causing problems. Focusing on infrastructure improvements from small changes to full enterprise upgrades can be daunting and costly. Doing this well is what we do. Whether it’s in the cloud or on premises, we provide simple recommendations to full enterprise technology refreshes while providing a high-quality experience for your users.

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Coming from the Federal workspace we understand Compliance. We meet NIST-800-171; most other compliance standards are derived from.

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Team Collaboration

In today's world, Collaboration over technology platforms has became the business standard. Lets make you a collaborative environment!

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Web Development

From the most complex eCommerce site to the most straight-forward static website, Second-61 is ready to help place your digital signpost.

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